Friday, 3 October 2008

It's Mummy's Big Day on Sunday!

Mummy leaves me tomorrow! Don't worry she is only leaving me alone for just one sleep!

She goes to a place up north called newcastle because after two more sleeps she does her realyl really big long runnumbling thingee! She will be doing 13.1miles from newcastle to south shields-not sure where that is though but mummy says she may get an ice cream so it must be seaside!
Tongiht she packed her case, I tried to help by getting in but mummy said I couldn't go as its a long way for a small bunny but that aunty maz would look after me really well. Mummy has even bought me some oaty oaty hay to munch my way through.Mummy seemed to be packing and unpacking and double checking that she has all her kit. There were lots of bags of jelly beans and some munchie flapjacks but I wasnt allowed any-mummy gave me bunny buttons. I am now under the sofa hiding as mummy going to leave me.She has promised some bunny/mummy love before she goes.

Mummy is doing her run for a very good cause called Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres-mummy told me about Maggie's being a place for humans with cancer which is really nice and gives you a hug. They have a website which is and to help raise monies mummy has her own website so if you are reading this and have spare carrots or pennies mummy would be really greatful to you.I've told Mummy she can have my pocket money next week as long as she does a sponsored bunny hug-athon! *cheeky grin*
On Sunday I want to watch and see if I can spot my mummy on telly-seems she is running with celebrities and proper athletes (whatever one of them is, and bet they dont work as hard as my mummy has to get ot her Great North Run).
On Sunday Mummy has a bright coloured fur on with "Kelly" and runner number "50220" on her tummy! Please play spot the my mummy. I hope aunty Maz remembers to put the telly on when she comes to do my breakfast!

And just to prove mummy does work really hard here are some pics of mummy at her big race in Norfolk and yes mummy cried!
Aunty Hanneke is keeping her stood up as her legs went all wobblie!Mummy got to run the special leg at the end of the race where 16 others had run before her to get the big yellow carrot to the finish line which mummy had to carry home!
My Mummy is Ace! I really love my Mum!

Friday, 12 September 2008


Hello xx
365days have passed since mummy went and "Gotcha-Me" from the pet shop! Today I have officially been a royal bunny for an entire year!

I have spent my evening munching my lovely new oaty hay that mummy bought me to eat my way through! Mummy can't believe how quickly the year has passed and all the stuff we have been through together..I really hope next year is easier for my mummy and for me.
It didn't get off to the best of starts as I had to pop to the vet with mummy as my naughty teeth had overgrown each other and eating was difficult-mummy was upset but it was just one of those things! It meant we got to spend a little longer together-even if I was unceremoniously put in my carrier box to go to the vets when I should have been eating breakfast. I had let mummy give me a good fuss last night and she finally got to check my teeth-mummy felt really bad but soon got me sorted. Eating is now easier and I can celebrate a little bit.
I spent some of today sulking when mummy was at work and when she first came home from work but once I got my oaty hay I perked up. It is very yummy stuff, and sadly I don't intend to share it with anyone-not even mummy!
Mummy gave me some nose rubs tonight and stroked my ears and told me that she loved me loads...I waggled my ears back at her then carried on enjoying my hay. Mummy found this cartoon and thought it was me, to be honest I definately agree with the blue bunny!
I am not going to do loads of typing today as did that yesterday-tonight is for eating, cuddling and snoozing with my cuddlies. Mummy says when she has more pennies she will buy me some more nice bts and pieces but it seems she didn't expect to have to pay for my dental work!
Well I am off to carry on eating and give mummy a cuddle-she still feels bad and needs some pick me up tlc!
I like it when I get to cuddle my mummy-as long as it is on my terms!
Bunny huggles x x x

Thursday, 11 September 2008


Hello My Lovely Friends xxx

Time for you to gather your party stuff and come celebrate because the 12th September is my very special day-it is my GOTCHA DAY!!!

A year ago mummy went to the pet shop to buy fish food but came home with me......and all I can say is I am so so glad she did! I love my mummy loads-even if I don't always show it!

I am one of the luckiest bunster I know, I couldn't want for anything and mummy and I are the perfect team, well given I have my mummy firmly squished by my loppy lugs and wrapped around my all four furry paws. She brings me lots of lovely stuff, from cuddlies to blankies to yummy treats and even more nice suprises....

Mummy has nursed me through some tough times this year and for that I am really grateful, and in the same way I have cheered mummy up when she has been really down and unwell and unhappy.

I really can say I don't need anything more than mummy love although the occassional bunny button and strawberry and chunks of pineapple don't go a miss nor does being allowed to munch mummy's yummy yum plant!

Mummy and me have lots of cuddle times together and when I am really good I get to go snuggle on mummy's blankie and she tickles my ears and rubs my nose and it is totally lovely. I have lots of things to keep me entertained and mummy always makes sure I am clean and tidy (even if that means a clean litter tray-humph!).

Mummy says she would go into details about our year but alot of it has already been recorded and mummy has already done a special bit in my blog about how she became my mummy.

Over the last year mummy has made some very special friends who are also bunny parents and she is very grateful for the advice, love and support they give her. There have been times when I've really troubled my mummy and made her worry but they have kept her calm and between us we have come through the tough times...I really hope that the next year is as full with many exciting adventures as this year was...although really hope I see less of vets Matt and Jim!
So please raise your glass, or have a good slurp from your water dish in celebration of an amazing year of being a right royal rabbit!
Big Bunny Hugs x

Thursday, 28 August 2008

You Can't Tell Me Off-I'm Too Cute!

Hello x

Not too much to say today-Mummy has been out all day with her Godson Tyler and friends to a trip to the Seay Life Centre-something about going to see fish!Why when we have 3 live in the palace I don't know!I got to spend my day snoozing with my mummy bunny snuggle!

Mummy got some photos of me being naughty and eating her plant yesterday! I gave her my cutest look so she wouldn't shout at sort of worked!See for youself!

Mummy's knee is still ouchy sore and she was grumpy tonight, so instead of chasing me about she has flopped on the sofa in her pjs with my ice pod on her must be reallly sore!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Yummy Yummy Naughty Bunny

Hello x

Life in the palace is back to normal, it is all nice and quiet again and I have lots of lovely space to run and binky about in without all mummy's family here. Yesterday Mummy bought a lovely purple and white chrysthanemum plant that sits in the hearth. Last night I found it really interesting and was stalking it trying to work out how to get to the leaves without putting my paws on the tiles (mummy tells me off for going too near the fire so I am not allowed on the tiles). This afternoon I finally figured out how to do it, periscope and I cna lean over and pull it nearer to me....yummy yummy yummy. My mummy was so not impressed and told me off, I scampered off pretty quick but took a stem with me to munch,...Mummy did have a little giggle as I left a trail of evidence in little pretty petals! It is not my fault that chrysthanemums taste so yum!

Mummy went to fat club this morning and came back all sad-seems she put on what she lost last week but I told her not to worry as it is hard to lose weight with grandma buying goodies! I even got some lovely cauliflower leaves from granny so goodness knows what she fed Mummy. Mummy smiled, ate her sticky lemon muffin with a mug of warm coffee, had some time talking to the spiders on the interweb then did some shopping. After that she put on her sporty kit and did a runnumbling-only 4miles today but better than nothing but Mummy was saying that her knee was hurty ouch!So did a naughty for Mummy and soaked herself in a bubblie bath. Mummy reckons she needs to give her new runnumbling shoes a try to see if they stop her knee being ouchy.
Mummy has just put some melon and a strawberry in my bowl so I really should go eat my goodies...til next time loyal fans x x x

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Bunny Self-Service!

Mummy made me giggle-she got this piccie sent by aunty Lou of Gumpy and Mxyi-seems aunty Lou is failing in her bunny mummy duties so the little rascals have decided to help themselves! HEHEHEEHEHE I don't get anywhere near my food-mummy keeps it stashed away in the kitchen where I am not allowed to go *humph and thump*

Bunny Bathtime

The invasion is over-my grandparents and the baby two foot have gone back to Nottingham!They left the palace today-can't believe how much quieter the palace is...both mummy and I spent the afternoon snoozing. Think Mummy had been ultra stressed by the palace being cluttered!

Mummy did somethign totally unforgivable yesterday-she put me in the bath!!!! There was no water in the bath just the soft non sliding mat but used the gentle sprinklie to get me all wet and then rub some baby two foot wash on me and then rinsed me off...I was not impressed! I jumped out the bath at least three times but mummy said I needed rinsing off so picked me up and put me back...then she snuggled me in a big towel to dry off...I was definately disgruntled by then! Here I am snuggled in the towel looking all grumpy! Mummy used the blowing loud thing to help me dry off-I am definately a more fluffy bunny now and I am far happier to groom myself now my fur doesn't taste all nasty from the greasie drops and stuff!

Mummy has been out doing lots of runnumbling to get ready for her very special big big runmumbling on October 5th...She has done some more long length runmumblings and has done lots of gym stuff too to make her all healthy. Mummys socks smell good when she comes back though-and I just had to have a play.She escaped the seige on Sunday morning too and went runnumbling with Uncle Garth as Uncle Kevin still isn't out runnumbling yet-he has hurt his paw but its getting better!

Well I am going to snuggled my mummy and let her brush my fluffy hair!Although mummy has a new flowery plant that looks very yummy and think it is safe for a small bunny to munch...just a few nibbles won't hurt! Will it?

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Under Seige!

The palace has been invaded! We are uinder attack!!!!
It happened Thursday evening-since then I've not had nearly as much free roam as I should have and there are lots and lots of two-foot feets! There is also a small two-foot who keeps squealing and occassionally grizzles or gurgles or chucks something that poor little lops are very delicate does she not know that!
Mummy is all stressed too-she keeps falling over stuff that grandma and grandpa keep leaving around...she is not impressed! She got that confused yesterday that she thought Friday was Saturday and therefore today would be Sunday-she argued with an important person at work that he couldnt come to be tested as they weren't open! oops poor mummy! *bunny snuggles put in your lunchie box for later*
Time to munch my cauliflower leaf before my silence is broken!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Good Bunny and Runmumbling Mummy!

Hello x
Well what a day? Mummy was at wibblies fat club this mornign but let me out of the playpen at breakfast and she didn't chase me around to lock me in before she left!Thats twice now-I must have really proved I can be a good bunny when she was at her aerobiscuits class.

She called back happy mumbling that she lost 1.5carrots this week and didnt know how as she had been eating junky food! I on the otherhand have been a healthy bunny again with my diet-well the hula hoops Saturday ngiht choosing tv don't count!

She went out again-leaving me to play so I snuggled on my squishy cushion and snoozed. Mummy came home, shoved something looking yummy in her mouth and put on her running clothes and stinky shoes...well they smell to me, dont think mummy has realised! Mummy was out for nearly an entire 2hours! She came back all hot, sticky and leaking from her skin..I had a good sniff of her socks as she guzzled water...even more quickly than I drink my watermelon juice so she must has needed it! She said she had done lots and lots of runmumbles that covered hills and did 10.25miles...not sure what a mile is but must be HUGE ! (I wonder how long it would take a bunny to do a mile!)

She has washed her fur and eaten her tea and is all flopped on the sofa,I am now in my playpen but I dont mind as mummy gave me some bunny buttons and cubes of watermelon and some fresh parsley!yummy! I dare say in a little while mummy will be making loud grumbling noises as she seems very sleepy...I best find my ear plugs!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Munching My Reward!

I'm sat under the fishtank table on my squishy comfortable cushion have a munch of some blackberry! Mummy gave me it for being a very grown up bunny when she was at aerobiscuits class. She didn't find any nibbled wallpaper--sshhh don't tell her but I had a little try on a patch I had started weeks ago-but she hasn't realised but as there was no major damage I get my treatie!When she came home I was sat in my litter tray-well a bunny has to do what a bunny has to do!

Mummy is in her pjs and heading to bed soon-she is all tired from binkying about like a loonie...I mean mummy's aren't meant to binky or are they? Saying that she has to get me to go to my bedroom first...*evil bunny giggle*

Does Mummy Trust Me?

Mummy is going to aerobiscuits class soon but she hasn't chased me into the playpen...does this mean I am being allowed to be left to my own devices in the dining room and lounge? She has set me out some toys from my toy box and left me little parcels of parsley...think she assumes I will play with them rather than eating the wallpaper or nibbling mummy's reading books. It's not my fault that Terry Prachett tastes good!

I'm currently under the sofa as we had lots of raining stuff and there were rumbling noises coming from the sky.

Dare say mummy will let you know if I have been a good bunny or whether I've destroyed the palace!

Carrot nibbles, peppermint tea and bunny buttons at the palace from 6.30pm!

Monday, 18 August 2008

Waggle Those Lops! No More Drops!

Woooohoooooooo! I am a happy bunster....went to see Jim the Vet tonight after mummy rushed in from work and put me in my carry box in a rather undignified bunny manner! I found a bunch of basil and some bunny buttons so forgot about protesting!
At the vets we had to wait as another poorly bunny was rushed in-she was called Snow White and had got some straw tangled around her paw and it had got tighter and tighter and was doing nasty horrible things...her little girl two-foot was leaking around her eyes but I let her give me a nose rub which made her smile.
Went into see Jim....Ihad a good sniff and nose around the table...smelt all funny but it was OK....I sat eating bunny buttons whilst Jim checked out my ears and eyes. He said my ears had a little bit of dry debris in but as a good clean bunny that should be out soon and that mummy has to keep bathing my eyes just to help me get rid of the yucky stuff. I have to finish my anti-bi-oticals but I don't mind that...and my fur is getting back to being fluffy too.
This morning before mummy went to work I made her giggle as I showed off my fab football skills. Auntie Louise is going to try to add it to the inter-webby thingee if the spiders let her so I can show you how good I am!Apparently Gumpy was jealous!
Time for Blueberry wheats and bunny buttons and some mummy snuggle time but I msut remember I am not allowed to piddle on mummy's pillow like I did yesterday morning when I was so snuggled and comfortable!
Mummy managed to get my video to work-she must have talked really nicely to the spiders...sorry the carpet is mucky I didnt want to tidy my bedroom!

Friday, 15 August 2008

The Return of the Royal Rabbit!

Hello My Lovely Lagomorphs and two-foots!

What a 6weeks or so it has been-mummy has been on holiday and had a good time but missed me lots and lots and lots!When she came home I sulked at her for a few days because I really missed my mummy despite being well looked after by Aunty Emma and Aunty Maz.

A couple of days after this I started to feel a little out of sorts-at first the vet nurse did a bunny M.O.T and thought it was an anxiety thing because mummy had abandoned me but mummy kept a very close eye on me as I gradually felt worse. She took me back to see Matt the vet who checked me everywhere, put a themometre thingeee in places I would sooner not mention and found my loppy ears weren't well and that I might have crawlie mites irritating. So I've had nearly 4weeks of ear drops where I have battled mummy lots as I didn't like them-they made my ears feel weird, I got very good at sharing the drops with my fur so I look a little deshevelled but mummy keeps grooming me which is making me look better. I also had some yuck anti-bi-oticals which mummy gives me in a nice treatie blueberry wheat. I am very good and take it without fight. I go back to Jim Vet on Monday as he has put some stuff in all mentho-ally to clean the yucky stuff out. I have paws crossed I get discharged-purely for mummys struggling monies.

Mummy hasn't been well either-her brain has been misbehaving and shes been all flopped and sleepie. One night she even forgot to give me my supper-that is so not the way to treat a royal bunny!

Well its nearly blueberry wheat time and mummy will give me a good brush again.

Love to you all x x x

Thursday, 3 July 2008

snoozing and stressing

mummy is busying around in a tizzy-she has been doing lots of washing and packing...she keeps saying she is worried about me and got me to tell her exactly how i want looking after next week when she is away with grandpa and grandma....*humph*-not sure why though i should be going too.....she cant possibly leave me here all by myself....can she?!?!?!?!!?!?

mummy says aunty emma will come and play with me-hopefully monoopoly-im goodat that and that she will tell me off if i eat wallpaper *humph as if i would!* and that aunty emma will cuddle and play before bedtime and make sure im safe. aunty maz is going to come in for morning cuddles and give me breakfast-i said i wanted banana and cereal...depends if im good. mummy has even given aunty maz an entire £5 in human money for me! oooooooo wonder if i can buy something lovely.

mummy and i had a cuddle and snooze today, we were playing and mummy was laid on the beanie bag and fell to sleep...she was making funny noises so i jumped on her belly and bounced....she woke up and was very grumpy with a crumpled face...a mug of coffee stuff soon de-grumpled her...

been charging about tonight and even told mummy i loved her-well i need to make sure she will come home from her hopperdays dont i?!?! i wondered if i had been a really bad bunny but mummy keeps telling me she loves me so i have nothing to worry about...perhaps she will bring me some nice things......

not sure when i will get back on the laptop-mummy taking it with her and not sure aunty maz knows how to let me log will see you in a weeks time....mmmmmmm an entire week with no at my place?!?!?!?

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

busy! busy! busy!

well what a week it has been in the palace. i have had a very stressed, tired and tearful mummy but it wasn't my fault this time! on saturday the palace was full of two-foots so i sulked lots as wasn't allowed to charge about *humph* and on friday night mummy totally abanboned me from early monring when she went to work til very very late on friday night-almost saturday morning when she came in with my grandpa. that was strange as grandpa was meant to be doing hoppy birthday stuff with grandma. seems they had been at the big special two foot vet place with my great nana who had something called a stroke.
on saturday i got to meet lots of people ive not met before but i wasnt allowed out to play as far too many feet. grandpa kept giving mummy cuddles, i tried my hardest to make her happy but she was very very tired and didnt even go into work on saturday.
i got lots of fuss and charge about time last night though-and even gave mummy kisses to cheer her up. great nana is now back near grandpa and being looked after by his brother and sister too and mummy says she has to go to the hopsital to see some special vets to make her better...its all very confusing!
mummy has given me a good clean this morning and im now waiting for my blankie to come off the washing line...she put it in the big wet cleaning thing to make it smell all nice....

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

pampered palace pets

aunty maz came for souper with mummy.homemade soup and lots of lovely smelling toastie but mummy didnt share *hump* but after souper mummy snuggled me in a blankie-i protested at first-well i dont want to make her think im too easy...once snuggled she cuddled and aunty maz tried my front paws with the clippery things...i was big and brave and didnt flinch at all.last time i flinched it hurt and there was red stuff everywhere!!!!!!! then after a hidng in mummys armpit aunty maz snuggled me and kept telling me what a good boy i was and mummy did my back feet.seems my nails grew too long again and were hurting mummy when i had a strop at her. i also had my beard groomed tonight-its been a bit sticky since my poorly teeth and i cant clean it so mummy brushed me really gentley....afterwards i got lots of bunny button treats.

i also got bought a new playmat today-mummy says ive grown up and dont need the kiddies waterproof blankie type thingee and has got me a green mat thats all mine and she wont shout at me if i spill stuff in my playpen....although she shouted at me earlier for eating wallpaper *yummy yummy*

well its been a long day of pampering so im going to cuddle binky bear and snuggle in my quiltie and get some more beauty sleep to compliment my pampering...

Friday, 20 June 2008

busy busy busy

we've had a very busy week..what with one thing and another and another......
mummy did a special two foot runny race on sunday for aunty andi-mummy said she had some tears but a smile too..mummy says in october she is doing a really really big race to help people like aunty andi.aunty andi has cancer-something we bunny's can also get so mummy going to be doing lots of training to raise money.i said i wanted to help but seems my little paws wouldnt cope.mummy can run really quickly but even with my four paws i wouldnt be able to keep up.
yesterday mummy took me outsdie the palace but not in my carrier box...we had coffee and scone in the backyard in the sunshine. i was very nervous and didnt know what to make of the outside world with its weird noises...mummy said it was the wind and seadygulls i could hear.i wanted to hide in my mummy's jumper but got a bit brave and stepped on the weird cold floor-but had to run and keep checking mummy was there and hadnt left me.
mummy is all sore tonight-she went to see her vet about her nasty shoulder-she has special moves to do but whenever she tries to do them to make her shouldery bit better i get involved and try to help...dont think she really appreciates it.seems she was grumpy at work today too as the vet made her sore before he could make it better.mummys boss was also grumpy because mummy had to go to the vets.
well need to give my mummy some snuggles-feels like we havent seen each other all week and she is going away in two weeks time and aunty maz and aunty emma coming to look after me...will soon have them wrapped around my paws...mummy wants to take me on holiday but seems the holiday place wont let small bunsters go *sulkie ears*...i'm really going to miss my mummy x

Thursday, 12 June 2008

garden goodies!

mummy has been very busy the last two days in our back yard-when i went to nose at what she was doing she said she was planting herbies and veggies for us both.there is a long big pot that has scrummy parsley, yummy basil and corriander in which lives on the window-i can see it from my bedroom! she has also planted the seeds to make carrots (cant wait for the carrot tops!) and some lovely salad leaves including rocket.....woooooooooosh!!! mummy said she had planted pretty flowers too but i am not allowed to eat them-they are to look pretty nto for me to eat!*humph!* mummy says i need to be a patient bunny for the veggies and herbies to grow big and strong before i can eat them! hope she finds me nice other good stuff to eat whilst my own veggies are growing! hope they don't take tooo long....i can get hungry very quickly.
i have been a busy bunny settling into my nice new shiny bedroom-seems i wasn't getting a total new home just bedroom! my old bedroom kept flaking nasty blue paint everywhere so mummy got angry with another twofoot and i now have a new has all my bunster stuff in and of course my blankie and binky bear but not hay rack like my other one.mummy put my oaty hay in a littlebasket but i kept tipping it out....she is looking at ways to store my hay by litter tray-well i quite like munching whilst thinking about my tummy button...whatever one of them is! have made mummy laugh as keep re-arranging has that freshly thrown look but i quite like it! mummy also bought me a new wooden toy to play with it which dangles down on my platform..not quite sure what it is meant to do though! mummy happier with me now as eating and drinking lots-mummy wants me to eat lots of oaty hay as if i do i may not get the nasty toothache again! so i am going to munch like a big bunny!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

bunny games

hello fans x

today i had peace and quiet whilst mummy was at work-well ok, the boys came around for a carrot juice or two but we didn't make a mess in the palace and mummy was none the wiser!mummy was home late from work-said something about needing a jar of coffee and sorting out my new home....didn't realise i was getting a new home *looks worried*-hope i am not getting a new mummy, or perhaps i am getitng a daddy too!

mummy got busy in the kitchen not sure what she was doing as i am not allowed in there and then aunty emma turned up! mummy and aunty emma were having pizza for tea-they didn't share with me but i did get a yummy yummy flower to munch. after tea mummy and aunty emma decided to play mono-opoly.
i didn't know how to play but i just had to join in-they don't have a bunny playing counter thingee so i tried to help mummy and then of course had to help aunty emma who seemed not to have much paper stuff left!what i can say is mummy won!i think it helped that at one point i decided to sit in the middle of it all...mummy just laughed...aunty emma kept calling me 'bunny'....mmmmmmmm has mummy not told her i am fudge bunny!

Sunday, 8 June 2008

ouch-tooth ache

last week i had a trip to the tooth-doctor.mummy noticed that i really didnt like my drinks despite being offered a very wide choice from veggie water...yummmy peppermint tea...very soothing if your tummy is just boiled water...plain boring and yuck! she also noticed that i favoured taking to my fleece blankie with binky bear rather than charging around the palace like a loonie!

tuesday we saw matt-a very clever two foot who put something in my mouth and said it was very sore and needed to be looked at because my teeth were doing nasty things.he gave me two jabs-i didn't flinch and was a very big brave bunny...i only stamped my feet once....and we were told to come back and see him early next morning and i would get a good snooze and the problem would be fixed. mummy was really worried-but back at the palace she gave me some lovely food and the magic stuff matt gave me meant i could eat all my goodies...i was given extra nice goodies like grapes, strawberries and cucumber because i didn't like drinking.

i was thinking back to the last time i had to go to matt and have a snooze..if i remember rightly i came back missing my boy bits-not that i was too bothered as i kept biting them-they got in the way at washtime..but they did sting and i had this odd strange blue coloured fur in my privates area and i remember having a terrible hangover and feeling dopey and i think the earth moved....mummy said it was an earthquake!

mummy was really nice tuesday night and let me snuggle on her duvet for cuddles-mummy always gets really worried when i have to go to the vets. i fell to sleep on her duvet and made her giggle as became just a huge puddle of fluff in her squishy duvet.i got a bit grumpy when she moved me back to my big boys bedroom but i soon snuggled with binky bear.

wednesday morning mummy came to wake me up, made herself a coffee and got two or more biscuits and we snuggled on her duvet for a lovely long cuddle and some biscuit munching as a tread...mummy was still very worried. she got dressed and took me to the vet place.lovely lisa (my fave nursie) did some paperwork stuff with mummy, plonked me on the cold white things and told mummy i am now 1.93kg!(whatever that means) mummy gave me a good long cuddle and i went off with lisa in my carrier box-i showed mummy i was a big brave bunny but i knew i was fine as i was with my binky bear.

dont really remember munch but woke up with a bit of a headache and was given the lovely pack up mummy had made me..eating definately felt better as the nasty sharp bits were tongue and mouth were still sore. mummy came to get me not long after-although i didn't mind waiting as had lots of fuss from my nursie pals! at home mummy settled me and went off to see her own vet and get sorted. i spent most of my afternoon snoring but eating was definately easier. mummy had to give me my medicine-she tricked me at first by putting it in my shredded wheat with fruit in, but on thursday i knew it didn't taste right so she has been giving it me via a tube thingee and all i can say is it tastes yucky yuck yuck!mummy says i have one more dose to take and that i need to start drinking liquids's hard as not sure if it will hurt or not but had the plain boiled stuff last night and got lots of praise from mummy!

well best go i need to do some more binkies to make mummy laugh!

let me introduce myself...

hello my loyal bunny pals and, of course not forgetting your very own two-foots.given my fellow bunsters have started their own blogs-i thought it was time i got in on the act and give you a run-down of how it is to be a royal bunny-well apart from being totally spoilt that is *cheeky binky*

so why am i a royal rabbit? .well not only does my two foot post on the bunny forum as 'fudgesmummy' but she also does this mad running thing where her identity is 'princess purple bubbles' who resides in 'purple palace' so obviously with a princess for a mummy and living in a palace i couldn't really be anything other than the royal bunny. i am really glad i have a princess for my mummy -x-

i think it helps on the royal front in that i am quite a handsome dwarf lop with amazing colouring and quite a cheeky personality-apparently that's what made my mummy bring me back home to palace. given the life i lead as a royal bunster-i can safely say i am one very lucky bunny who wouldn't change his regal residence for anything.