Thursday, 28 August 2008

You Can't Tell Me Off-I'm Too Cute!

Hello x

Not too much to say today-Mummy has been out all day with her Godson Tyler and friends to a trip to the Seay Life Centre-something about going to see fish!Why when we have 3 live in the palace I don't know!I got to spend my day snoozing with my mummy bunny snuggle!

Mummy got some photos of me being naughty and eating her plant yesterday! I gave her my cutest look so she wouldn't shout at sort of worked!See for youself!

Mummy's knee is still ouchy sore and she was grumpy tonight, so instead of chasing me about she has flopped on the sofa in her pjs with my ice pod on her must be reallly sore!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Yummy Yummy Naughty Bunny

Hello x

Life in the palace is back to normal, it is all nice and quiet again and I have lots of lovely space to run and binky about in without all mummy's family here. Yesterday Mummy bought a lovely purple and white chrysthanemum plant that sits in the hearth. Last night I found it really interesting and was stalking it trying to work out how to get to the leaves without putting my paws on the tiles (mummy tells me off for going too near the fire so I am not allowed on the tiles). This afternoon I finally figured out how to do it, periscope and I cna lean over and pull it nearer to me....yummy yummy yummy. My mummy was so not impressed and told me off, I scampered off pretty quick but took a stem with me to munch,...Mummy did have a little giggle as I left a trail of evidence in little pretty petals! It is not my fault that chrysthanemums taste so yum!

Mummy went to fat club this morning and came back all sad-seems she put on what she lost last week but I told her not to worry as it is hard to lose weight with grandma buying goodies! I even got some lovely cauliflower leaves from granny so goodness knows what she fed Mummy. Mummy smiled, ate her sticky lemon muffin with a mug of warm coffee, had some time talking to the spiders on the interweb then did some shopping. After that she put on her sporty kit and did a runnumbling-only 4miles today but better than nothing but Mummy was saying that her knee was hurty ouch!So did a naughty for Mummy and soaked herself in a bubblie bath. Mummy reckons she needs to give her new runnumbling shoes a try to see if they stop her knee being ouchy.
Mummy has just put some melon and a strawberry in my bowl so I really should go eat my goodies...til next time loyal fans x x x

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Bunny Self-Service!

Mummy made me giggle-she got this piccie sent by aunty Lou of Gumpy and Mxyi-seems aunty Lou is failing in her bunny mummy duties so the little rascals have decided to help themselves! HEHEHEEHEHE I don't get anywhere near my food-mummy keeps it stashed away in the kitchen where I am not allowed to go *humph and thump*

Bunny Bathtime

The invasion is over-my grandparents and the baby two foot have gone back to Nottingham!They left the palace today-can't believe how much quieter the palace is...both mummy and I spent the afternoon snoozing. Think Mummy had been ultra stressed by the palace being cluttered!

Mummy did somethign totally unforgivable yesterday-she put me in the bath!!!! There was no water in the bath just the soft non sliding mat but used the gentle sprinklie to get me all wet and then rub some baby two foot wash on me and then rinsed me off...I was not impressed! I jumped out the bath at least three times but mummy said I needed rinsing off so picked me up and put me back...then she snuggled me in a big towel to dry off...I was definately disgruntled by then! Here I am snuggled in the towel looking all grumpy! Mummy used the blowing loud thing to help me dry off-I am definately a more fluffy bunny now and I am far happier to groom myself now my fur doesn't taste all nasty from the greasie drops and stuff!

Mummy has been out doing lots of runnumbling to get ready for her very special big big runmumbling on October 5th...She has done some more long length runmumblings and has done lots of gym stuff too to make her all healthy. Mummys socks smell good when she comes back though-and I just had to have a play.She escaped the seige on Sunday morning too and went runnumbling with Uncle Garth as Uncle Kevin still isn't out runnumbling yet-he has hurt his paw but its getting better!

Well I am going to snuggled my mummy and let her brush my fluffy hair!Although mummy has a new flowery plant that looks very yummy and think it is safe for a small bunny to munch...just a few nibbles won't hurt! Will it?

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Under Seige!

The palace has been invaded! We are uinder attack!!!!
It happened Thursday evening-since then I've not had nearly as much free roam as I should have and there are lots and lots of two-foot feets! There is also a small two-foot who keeps squealing and occassionally grizzles or gurgles or chucks something that poor little lops are very delicate does she not know that!
Mummy is all stressed too-she keeps falling over stuff that grandma and grandpa keep leaving around...she is not impressed! She got that confused yesterday that she thought Friday was Saturday and therefore today would be Sunday-she argued with an important person at work that he couldnt come to be tested as they weren't open! oops poor mummy! *bunny snuggles put in your lunchie box for later*
Time to munch my cauliflower leaf before my silence is broken!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Good Bunny and Runmumbling Mummy!

Hello x
Well what a day? Mummy was at wibblies fat club this mornign but let me out of the playpen at breakfast and she didn't chase me around to lock me in before she left!Thats twice now-I must have really proved I can be a good bunny when she was at her aerobiscuits class.

She called back happy mumbling that she lost 1.5carrots this week and didnt know how as she had been eating junky food! I on the otherhand have been a healthy bunny again with my diet-well the hula hoops Saturday ngiht choosing tv don't count!

She went out again-leaving me to play so I snuggled on my squishy cushion and snoozed. Mummy came home, shoved something looking yummy in her mouth and put on her running clothes and stinky shoes...well they smell to me, dont think mummy has realised! Mummy was out for nearly an entire 2hours! She came back all hot, sticky and leaking from her skin..I had a good sniff of her socks as she guzzled water...even more quickly than I drink my watermelon juice so she must has needed it! She said she had done lots and lots of runmumbles that covered hills and did 10.25miles...not sure what a mile is but must be HUGE ! (I wonder how long it would take a bunny to do a mile!)

She has washed her fur and eaten her tea and is all flopped on the sofa,I am now in my playpen but I dont mind as mummy gave me some bunny buttons and cubes of watermelon and some fresh parsley!yummy! I dare say in a little while mummy will be making loud grumbling noises as she seems very sleepy...I best find my ear plugs!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Munching My Reward!

I'm sat under the fishtank table on my squishy comfortable cushion have a munch of some blackberry! Mummy gave me it for being a very grown up bunny when she was at aerobiscuits class. She didn't find any nibbled wallpaper--sshhh don't tell her but I had a little try on a patch I had started weeks ago-but she hasn't realised but as there was no major damage I get my treatie!When she came home I was sat in my litter tray-well a bunny has to do what a bunny has to do!

Mummy is in her pjs and heading to bed soon-she is all tired from binkying about like a loonie...I mean mummy's aren't meant to binky or are they? Saying that she has to get me to go to my bedroom first...*evil bunny giggle*

Does Mummy Trust Me?

Mummy is going to aerobiscuits class soon but she hasn't chased me into the playpen...does this mean I am being allowed to be left to my own devices in the dining room and lounge? She has set me out some toys from my toy box and left me little parcels of parsley...think she assumes I will play with them rather than eating the wallpaper or nibbling mummy's reading books. It's not my fault that Terry Prachett tastes good!

I'm currently under the sofa as we had lots of raining stuff and there were rumbling noises coming from the sky.

Dare say mummy will let you know if I have been a good bunny or whether I've destroyed the palace!

Carrot nibbles, peppermint tea and bunny buttons at the palace from 6.30pm!

Monday, 18 August 2008

Waggle Those Lops! No More Drops!

Woooohoooooooo! I am a happy bunster....went to see Jim the Vet tonight after mummy rushed in from work and put me in my carry box in a rather undignified bunny manner! I found a bunch of basil and some bunny buttons so forgot about protesting!
At the vets we had to wait as another poorly bunny was rushed in-she was called Snow White and had got some straw tangled around her paw and it had got tighter and tighter and was doing nasty horrible things...her little girl two-foot was leaking around her eyes but I let her give me a nose rub which made her smile.
Went into see Jim....Ihad a good sniff and nose around the table...smelt all funny but it was OK....I sat eating bunny buttons whilst Jim checked out my ears and eyes. He said my ears had a little bit of dry debris in but as a good clean bunny that should be out soon and that mummy has to keep bathing my eyes just to help me get rid of the yucky stuff. I have to finish my anti-bi-oticals but I don't mind that...and my fur is getting back to being fluffy too.
This morning before mummy went to work I made her giggle as I showed off my fab football skills. Auntie Louise is going to try to add it to the inter-webby thingee if the spiders let her so I can show you how good I am!Apparently Gumpy was jealous!
Time for Blueberry wheats and bunny buttons and some mummy snuggle time but I msut remember I am not allowed to piddle on mummy's pillow like I did yesterday morning when I was so snuggled and comfortable!
Mummy managed to get my video to work-she must have talked really nicely to the spiders...sorry the carpet is mucky I didnt want to tidy my bedroom!

Friday, 15 August 2008

The Return of the Royal Rabbit!

Hello My Lovely Lagomorphs and two-foots!

What a 6weeks or so it has been-mummy has been on holiday and had a good time but missed me lots and lots and lots!When she came home I sulked at her for a few days because I really missed my mummy despite being well looked after by Aunty Emma and Aunty Maz.

A couple of days after this I started to feel a little out of sorts-at first the vet nurse did a bunny M.O.T and thought it was an anxiety thing because mummy had abandoned me but mummy kept a very close eye on me as I gradually felt worse. She took me back to see Matt the vet who checked me everywhere, put a themometre thingeee in places I would sooner not mention and found my loppy ears weren't well and that I might have crawlie mites irritating. So I've had nearly 4weeks of ear drops where I have battled mummy lots as I didn't like them-they made my ears feel weird, I got very good at sharing the drops with my fur so I look a little deshevelled but mummy keeps grooming me which is making me look better. I also had some yuck anti-bi-oticals which mummy gives me in a nice treatie blueberry wheat. I am very good and take it without fight. I go back to Jim Vet on Monday as he has put some stuff in all mentho-ally to clean the yucky stuff out. I have paws crossed I get discharged-purely for mummys struggling monies.

Mummy hasn't been well either-her brain has been misbehaving and shes been all flopped and sleepie. One night she even forgot to give me my supper-that is so not the way to treat a royal bunny!

Well its nearly blueberry wheat time and mummy will give me a good brush again.

Love to you all x x x