Thursday, 11 September 2008


Hello My Lovely Friends xxx

Time for you to gather your party stuff and come celebrate because the 12th September is my very special day-it is my GOTCHA DAY!!!

A year ago mummy went to the pet shop to buy fish food but came home with me......and all I can say is I am so so glad she did! I love my mummy loads-even if I don't always show it!

I am one of the luckiest bunster I know, I couldn't want for anything and mummy and I are the perfect team, well given I have my mummy firmly squished by my loppy lugs and wrapped around my all four furry paws. She brings me lots of lovely stuff, from cuddlies to blankies to yummy treats and even more nice suprises....

Mummy has nursed me through some tough times this year and for that I am really grateful, and in the same way I have cheered mummy up when she has been really down and unwell and unhappy.

I really can say I don't need anything more than mummy love although the occassional bunny button and strawberry and chunks of pineapple don't go a miss nor does being allowed to munch mummy's yummy yum plant!

Mummy and me have lots of cuddle times together and when I am really good I get to go snuggle on mummy's blankie and she tickles my ears and rubs my nose and it is totally lovely. I have lots of things to keep me entertained and mummy always makes sure I am clean and tidy (even if that means a clean litter tray-humph!).

Mummy says she would go into details about our year but alot of it has already been recorded and mummy has already done a special bit in my blog about how she became my mummy.

Over the last year mummy has made some very special friends who are also bunny parents and she is very grateful for the advice, love and support they give her. There have been times when I've really troubled my mummy and made her worry but they have kept her calm and between us we have come through the tough times...I really hope that the next year is as full with many exciting adventures as this year was...although really hope I see less of vets Matt and Jim!
So please raise your glass, or have a good slurp from your water dish in celebration of an amazing year of being a right royal rabbit!
Big Bunny Hugs x

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Alvin said...

happy gotcha day.. hope your spoiled alllllll day long :)