Thursday, 3 July 2008

snoozing and stressing

mummy is busying around in a tizzy-she has been doing lots of washing and packing...she keeps saying she is worried about me and got me to tell her exactly how i want looking after next week when she is away with grandpa and grandma....*humph*-not sure why though i should be going too.....she cant possibly leave me here all by myself....can she?!?!?!?!!?!?

mummy says aunty emma will come and play with me-hopefully monoopoly-im goodat that and that she will tell me off if i eat wallpaper *humph as if i would!* and that aunty emma will cuddle and play before bedtime and make sure im safe. aunty maz is going to come in for morning cuddles and give me breakfast-i said i wanted banana and cereal...depends if im good. mummy has even given aunty maz an entire £5 in human money for me! oooooooo wonder if i can buy something lovely.

mummy and i had a cuddle and snooze today, we were playing and mummy was laid on the beanie bag and fell to sleep...she was making funny noises so i jumped on her belly and bounced....she woke up and was very grumpy with a crumpled face...a mug of coffee stuff soon de-grumpled her...

been charging about tonight and even told mummy i loved her-well i need to make sure she will come home from her hopperdays dont i?!?! i wondered if i had been a really bad bunny but mummy keeps telling me she loves me so i have nothing to worry about...perhaps she will bring me some nice things......

not sure when i will get back on the laptop-mummy taking it with her and not sure aunty maz knows how to let me log will see you in a weeks time....mmmmmmm an entire week with no at my place?!?!?!?

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

busy! busy! busy!

well what a week it has been in the palace. i have had a very stressed, tired and tearful mummy but it wasn't my fault this time! on saturday the palace was full of two-foots so i sulked lots as wasn't allowed to charge about *humph* and on friday night mummy totally abanboned me from early monring when she went to work til very very late on friday night-almost saturday morning when she came in with my grandpa. that was strange as grandpa was meant to be doing hoppy birthday stuff with grandma. seems they had been at the big special two foot vet place with my great nana who had something called a stroke.
on saturday i got to meet lots of people ive not met before but i wasnt allowed out to play as far too many feet. grandpa kept giving mummy cuddles, i tried my hardest to make her happy but she was very very tired and didnt even go into work on saturday.
i got lots of fuss and charge about time last night though-and even gave mummy kisses to cheer her up. great nana is now back near grandpa and being looked after by his brother and sister too and mummy says she has to go to the hopsital to see some special vets to make her better...its all very confusing!
mummy has given me a good clean this morning and im now waiting for my blankie to come off the washing line...she put it in the big wet cleaning thing to make it smell all nice....