Friday, 3 October 2008

It's Mummy's Big Day on Sunday!

Mummy leaves me tomorrow! Don't worry she is only leaving me alone for just one sleep!

She goes to a place up north called newcastle because after two more sleeps she does her realyl really big long runnumbling thingee! She will be doing 13.1miles from newcastle to south shields-not sure where that is though but mummy says she may get an ice cream so it must be seaside!
Tongiht she packed her case, I tried to help by getting in but mummy said I couldn't go as its a long way for a small bunny but that aunty maz would look after me really well. Mummy has even bought me some oaty oaty hay to munch my way through.Mummy seemed to be packing and unpacking and double checking that she has all her kit. There were lots of bags of jelly beans and some munchie flapjacks but I wasnt allowed any-mummy gave me bunny buttons. I am now under the sofa hiding as mummy going to leave me.She has promised some bunny/mummy love before she goes.

Mummy is doing her run for a very good cause called Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres-mummy told me about Maggie's being a place for humans with cancer which is really nice and gives you a hug. They have a website which is and to help raise monies mummy has her own website so if you are reading this and have spare carrots or pennies mummy would be really greatful to you.I've told Mummy she can have my pocket money next week as long as she does a sponsored bunny hug-athon! *cheeky grin*
On Sunday I want to watch and see if I can spot my mummy on telly-seems she is running with celebrities and proper athletes (whatever one of them is, and bet they dont work as hard as my mummy has to get ot her Great North Run).
On Sunday Mummy has a bright coloured fur on with "Kelly" and runner number "50220" on her tummy! Please play spot the my mummy. I hope aunty Maz remembers to put the telly on when she comes to do my breakfast!

And just to prove mummy does work really hard here are some pics of mummy at her big race in Norfolk and yes mummy cried!
Aunty Hanneke is keeping her stood up as her legs went all wobblie!Mummy got to run the special leg at the end of the race where 16 others had run before her to get the big yellow carrot to the finish line which mummy had to carry home!
My Mummy is Ace! I really love my Mum!

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Alvin said...

good luck to your mummy :)