Thursday, 28 August 2008

You Can't Tell Me Off-I'm Too Cute!

Hello x

Not too much to say today-Mummy has been out all day with her Godson Tyler and friends to a trip to the Seay Life Centre-something about going to see fish!Why when we have 3 live in the palace I don't know!I got to spend my day snoozing with my mummy bunny snuggle!

Mummy got some photos of me being naughty and eating her plant yesterday! I gave her my cutest look so she wouldn't shout at sort of worked!See for youself!

Mummy's knee is still ouchy sore and she was grumpy tonight, so instead of chasing me about she has flopped on the sofa in her pjs with my ice pod on her must be reallly sore!

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furrybutts said...

Those flowers look yummy! And you have a whole bunch to yourself, lucky you!!

Is your mummy's knee better yet?