Friday, 12 September 2008


Hello xx
365days have passed since mummy went and "Gotcha-Me" from the pet shop! Today I have officially been a royal bunny for an entire year!

I have spent my evening munching my lovely new oaty hay that mummy bought me to eat my way through! Mummy can't believe how quickly the year has passed and all the stuff we have been through together..I really hope next year is easier for my mummy and for me.
It didn't get off to the best of starts as I had to pop to the vet with mummy as my naughty teeth had overgrown each other and eating was difficult-mummy was upset but it was just one of those things! It meant we got to spend a little longer together-even if I was unceremoniously put in my carrier box to go to the vets when I should have been eating breakfast. I had let mummy give me a good fuss last night and she finally got to check my teeth-mummy felt really bad but soon got me sorted. Eating is now easier and I can celebrate a little bit.
I spent some of today sulking when mummy was at work and when she first came home from work but once I got my oaty hay I perked up. It is very yummy stuff, and sadly I don't intend to share it with anyone-not even mummy!
Mummy gave me some nose rubs tonight and stroked my ears and told me that she loved me loads...I waggled my ears back at her then carried on enjoying my hay. Mummy found this cartoon and thought it was me, to be honest I definately agree with the blue bunny!
I am not going to do loads of typing today as did that yesterday-tonight is for eating, cuddling and snoozing with my cuddlies. Mummy says when she has more pennies she will buy me some more nice bts and pieces but it seems she didn't expect to have to pay for my dental work!
Well I am off to carry on eating and give mummy a cuddle-she still feels bad and needs some pick me up tlc!
I like it when I get to cuddle my mummy-as long as it is on my terms!
Bunny huggles x x x

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