Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Santa Paws and Christmas!

Hello x

Sorry the absence but mummy was poorly after her big big running and had to take soem snuggle time, then it all got busy busy and ready for Santa Paws to visit!

Mummy has also been stressified out-not my doing but other stuff which means her eyes leak *wipes leaky away from cheeks with tongue..see mummy I do love you!*

I am not sure I approve of Christmassy stuff...and look what mummy did to me!Although paperchains can be fun to fling!

Why did mummy make me wear that silly Santa Paws hat?

I did a disapprove of Christmas and tried to hide from it but my huge snugglie cuddlie cute bum gave me away!

Finally....Hope you had a fabulous Santa Paws time and have a very Happy New 2009!

My resolutionary is to write more in my blog!I Promise x x

Friday, 3 October 2008

It's Mummy's Big Day on Sunday!

Mummy leaves me tomorrow! Don't worry she is only leaving me alone for just one sleep!

She goes to a place up north called newcastle because after two more sleeps she does her realyl really big long runnumbling thingee! She will be doing 13.1miles from newcastle to south shields-not sure where that is though but mummy says she may get an ice cream so it must be seaside!
Tongiht she packed her case, I tried to help by getting in but mummy said I couldn't go as its a long way for a small bunny but that aunty maz would look after me really well. Mummy has even bought me some oaty oaty hay to munch my way through.Mummy seemed to be packing and unpacking and double checking that she has all her kit. There were lots of bags of jelly beans and some munchie flapjacks but I wasnt allowed any-mummy gave me bunny buttons. I am now under the sofa hiding as mummy going to leave me.She has promised some bunny/mummy love before she goes.

Mummy is doing her run for a very good cause called Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres-mummy told me about Maggie's being a place for humans with cancer which is really nice and gives you a hug. They have a website which is www.maggiescentres.org and to help raise monies mummy has her own website www.justgiving.com/kellyrunsformaggies so if you are reading this and have spare carrots or pennies mummy would be really greatful to you.I've told Mummy she can have my pocket money next week as long as she does a sponsored bunny hug-athon! *cheeky grin*
On Sunday I want to watch and see if I can spot my mummy on telly-seems she is running with celebrities and proper athletes (whatever one of them is, and bet they dont work as hard as my mummy has to get ot her Great North Run).
On Sunday Mummy has a bright coloured fur on with "Kelly" and runner number "50220" on her tummy! Please play spot the my mummy. I hope aunty Maz remembers to put the telly on when she comes to do my breakfast!

And just to prove mummy does work really hard here are some pics of mummy at her big race in Norfolk and yes mummy cried!
Aunty Hanneke is keeping her stood up as her legs went all wobblie!Mummy got to run the special leg at the end of the race where 16 others had run before her to get the big yellow carrot to the finish line which mummy had to carry home!
My Mummy is Ace! I really love my Mum!

Friday, 12 September 2008


Hello xx
365days have passed since mummy went and "Gotcha-Me" from the pet shop! Today I have officially been a royal bunny for an entire year!

I have spent my evening munching my lovely new oaty hay that mummy bought me to eat my way through! Mummy can't believe how quickly the year has passed and all the stuff we have been through together..I really hope next year is easier for my mummy and for me.
It didn't get off to the best of starts as I had to pop to the vet with mummy as my naughty teeth had overgrown each other and eating was difficult-mummy was upset but it was just one of those things! It meant we got to spend a little longer together-even if I was unceremoniously put in my carrier box to go to the vets when I should have been eating breakfast. I had let mummy give me a good fuss last night and she finally got to check my teeth-mummy felt really bad but soon got me sorted. Eating is now easier and I can celebrate a little bit.
I spent some of today sulking when mummy was at work and when she first came home from work but once I got my oaty hay I perked up. It is very yummy stuff, and sadly I don't intend to share it with anyone-not even mummy!
Mummy gave me some nose rubs tonight and stroked my ears and told me that she loved me loads...I waggled my ears back at her then carried on enjoying my hay. Mummy found this cartoon and thought it was me, to be honest I definately agree with the blue bunny!
I am not going to do loads of typing today as did that yesterday-tonight is for eating, cuddling and snoozing with my cuddlies. Mummy says when she has more pennies she will buy me some more nice bts and pieces but it seems she didn't expect to have to pay for my dental work!
Well I am off to carry on eating and give mummy a cuddle-she still feels bad and needs some pick me up tlc!
I like it when I get to cuddle my mummy-as long as it is on my terms!
Bunny huggles x x x

Thursday, 11 September 2008


Hello My Lovely Friends xxx

Time for you to gather your party stuff and come celebrate because the 12th September is my very special day-it is my GOTCHA DAY!!!

A year ago mummy went to the pet shop to buy fish food but came home with me......and all I can say is I am so so glad she did! I love my mummy loads-even if I don't always show it!

I am one of the luckiest bunster I know, I couldn't want for anything and mummy and I are the perfect team, well given I have my mummy firmly squished by my loppy lugs and wrapped around my all four furry paws. She brings me lots of lovely stuff, from cuddlies to blankies to yummy treats and even more nice suprises....

Mummy has nursed me through some tough times this year and for that I am really grateful, and in the same way I have cheered mummy up when she has been really down and unwell and unhappy.

I really can say I don't need anything more than mummy love although the occassional bunny button and strawberry and chunks of pineapple don't go a miss nor does being allowed to munch mummy's yummy yum plant!

Mummy and me have lots of cuddle times together and when I am really good I get to go snuggle on mummy's blankie and she tickles my ears and rubs my nose and it is totally lovely. I have lots of things to keep me entertained and mummy always makes sure I am clean and tidy (even if that means a clean litter tray-humph!).

Mummy says she would go into details about our year but alot of it has already been recorded and mummy has already done a special bit in my blog about how she became my mummy.

Over the last year mummy has made some very special friends who are also bunny parents and she is very grateful for the advice, love and support they give her. There have been times when I've really troubled my mummy and made her worry but they have kept her calm and between us we have come through the tough times...I really hope that the next year is as full with many exciting adventures as this year was...although really hope I see less of vets Matt and Jim!
So please raise your glass, or have a good slurp from your water dish in celebration of an amazing year of being a right royal rabbit!
Big Bunny Hugs x

Thursday, 28 August 2008

You Can't Tell Me Off-I'm Too Cute!

Hello x

Not too much to say today-Mummy has been out all day with her Godson Tyler and friends to a trip to the Seay Life Centre-something about going to see fish!Why when we have 3 live in the palace I don't know!I got to spend my day snoozing with my mummy bunny snuggle!

Mummy got some photos of me being naughty and eating her plant yesterday! I gave her my cutest look so she wouldn't shout at me....it sort of worked!See for youself!

Mummy's knee is still ouchy sore and she was grumpy tonight, so instead of chasing me about she has flopped on the sofa in her pjs with my ice pod on her knee....it must be reallly sore!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Yummy Yummy Naughty Bunny

Hello x

Life in the palace is back to normal, it is all nice and quiet again and I have lots of lovely space to run and binky about in without all mummy's family here. Yesterday Mummy bought a lovely purple and white chrysthanemum plant that sits in the hearth. Last night I found it really interesting and was stalking it trying to work out how to get to the leaves without putting my paws on the tiles (mummy tells me off for going too near the fire so I am not allowed on the tiles). This afternoon I finally figured out how to do it, periscope and I cna lean over and pull it nearer to me....yummy yummy yummy. My mummy was so not impressed and told me off, I scampered off pretty quick but took a stem with me to munch,...Mummy did have a little giggle as I left a trail of evidence in little pretty petals! It is not my fault that chrysthanemums taste so yum!

Mummy went to fat club this morning and came back all sad-seems she put on what she lost last week but I told her not to worry as it is hard to lose weight with grandma buying goodies! I even got some lovely cauliflower leaves from granny so goodness knows what she fed Mummy. Mummy smiled, ate her sticky lemon muffin with a mug of warm coffee, had some time talking to the spiders on the interweb then did some shopping. After that she put on her sporty kit and did a runnumbling-only 4miles today but better than nothing but Mummy was saying that her knee was hurty ouch!So did a naughty for Mummy and soaked herself in a bubblie bath. Mummy reckons she needs to give her new runnumbling shoes a try to see if they stop her knee being ouchy.
Mummy has just put some melon and a strawberry in my bowl so I really should go eat my goodies...til next time loyal fans x x x

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Bunny Self-Service!

Mummy made me giggle-she got this piccie sent by aunty Lou of Gumpy and Mxyi-seems aunty Lou is failing in her bunny mummy duties so the little rascals have decided to help themselves! HEHEHEEHEHE I don't get anywhere near my food-mummy keeps it stashed away in the kitchen where I am not allowed to go *humph and thump*