Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Yummy Yummy Naughty Bunny

Hello x

Life in the palace is back to normal, it is all nice and quiet again and I have lots of lovely space to run and binky about in without all mummy's family here. Yesterday Mummy bought a lovely purple and white chrysthanemum plant that sits in the hearth. Last night I found it really interesting and was stalking it trying to work out how to get to the leaves without putting my paws on the tiles (mummy tells me off for going too near the fire so I am not allowed on the tiles). This afternoon I finally figured out how to do it, periscope and I cna lean over and pull it nearer to me....yummy yummy yummy. My mummy was so not impressed and told me off, I scampered off pretty quick but took a stem with me to munch,...Mummy did have a little giggle as I left a trail of evidence in little pretty petals! It is not my fault that chrysthanemums taste so yum!

Mummy went to fat club this morning and came back all sad-seems she put on what she lost last week but I told her not to worry as it is hard to lose weight with grandma buying goodies! I even got some lovely cauliflower leaves from granny so goodness knows what she fed Mummy. Mummy smiled, ate her sticky lemon muffin with a mug of warm coffee, had some time talking to the spiders on the interweb then did some shopping. After that she put on her sporty kit and did a runnumbling-only 4miles today but better than nothing but Mummy was saying that her knee was hurty ouch!So did a naughty for Mummy and soaked herself in a bubblie bath. Mummy reckons she needs to give her new runnumbling shoes a try to see if they stop her knee being ouchy.
Mummy has just put some melon and a strawberry in my bowl so I really should go eat my goodies...til next time loyal fans x x x

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