Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Santa Paws and Christmas!

Hello x

Sorry the absence but mummy was poorly after her big big running and had to take soem snuggle time, then it all got busy busy and ready for Santa Paws to visit!

Mummy has also been stressified out-not my doing but other stuff which means her eyes leak *wipes leaky away from cheeks with tongue..see mummy I do love you!*

I am not sure I approve of Christmassy stuff...and look what mummy did to me!Although paperchains can be fun to fling!

Why did mummy make me wear that silly Santa Paws hat?

I did a disapprove of Christmas and tried to hide from it but my huge snugglie cuddlie cute bum gave me away!

Finally....Hope you had a fabulous Santa Paws time and have a very Happy New 2009!

My resolutionary is to write more in my blog!I Promise x x

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